BILCOM 220/235

Multipurpose adhesives

Technical/functional features

Products: Ref. 220
Description Adhesive glue dots
Contents 64 (4 sheets of 16 dots)
Features Permanent
Packaging: Ref. 220
Wallet dimensions (mm): 100×146
Wallet weight (g): 17
Wallets per box: 12
Box dimensions (mm):: 105x45x150h
Box weight (g): 228
Boxes per case: 8
Case dimensions: cm 21,5 x 19,5 x 16,5 (AxBxC)
Case weight (kg): 2
Bar codes (64 dots per wallet): 8009613220005
Bar codes (12 wallets per box): 8009613220128
Bar codes (8 boxes per carton): 8009613220081
Products: Ref. 235
Description Micro adhesive glue dots
Contents 5 sheets
Features Permanent
Packaging: Ref. 235
Wallet dimensions (mm): 119×173
Wallet weight (g): 28
Wallets per box: 12
Box dimensions (mm):: 120x55x175h
Box weight (g): 372
Boxes per case: 8
Case dimensions: cm 25 x 24 x 18,5 (AxBxC)
Case weight (kg): 3,1
Bar codes (12 wallets per box): 8009613235122
Bar codes (8 boxes per carton): 8009613235085
Bar codes (5 sheets per wallet):  8009613235009


“Bilcom” adhesives can be used for different aims at home, at school and in the office, and particularly:

  • Multipurpose adhesive glue dots (ref. 220) can stick photos, posters, memos, decorations, cards, and much more. They can be used on paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal surfaces etc…
  • Micro adhesive glue dots (ref. 235 ) are minuscule adhesive glue dots in sheet form; they can stick objects of any kind of shape and thickness on paper, wood, plastic material, glass, metal surfaces etc. They can also be used for arts and crafts, cards, decoupage and decorations.

Descriptive notes

Do not use adhesive products on absorbent, delicate, damp, dusty or recently decorated surfaces. Testing a small area prior to use is suggested.

In addition: “Bilcom” adhesive products are quick, clean and safe, and they are acid free and lignin free.

“Bilcom” adhesive products are distributed in Italy exclusively by BALMA, CAPODURI & C. s.p.a.

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