100 years of a real italian story: our story

A century. Our story began exactly a century ago in Voghera, where we started and then expanded, strong and proud of our true and authentic Made in Italy, which has always been the root of our excellence.

100 years of passion for quality, design and unique emotions that we have brought worldwide and we still want to share with entire generations.

100 years, 100 ways to inspire the future

Design, lines, innovative solutions, trends, courage to experiment: the future is the true protagonist of this centenary history, which we will revisit together through 100 key words, to the discovery of a history with an eye always turned to the future.

Creating something yesterday
thinking of tomorrow

With this philosophy, we have developed two brands which have then become symbols not only of our history and our production but also of Italian design and the most authentic Made in Italy: ZENITH and Coccoina, which, for 100 years, have continued to combine tradition and innovation, to inspire and unite, renewing themselves but always remaining faithful to the original values.

Since 1924

the world has certainly changed, and although our reality has also evolved, there are some things that will never change: our attention to the details and to sustainability, the care we put into our products, our values.

For 100 years

we have designed, developed and created products made to last that have become icons of Made in Italy, always working with passion, commitment and love for quality.

Towards the future

Inspired by tradition, we have never failed to look ahead, to the future. Our ZENITH and Coccoina products are an evidence of this, just like the novelties designed to accompany you for the next 100 years.

100 years together

100 times thank you. If we have reached this very important goal, it is also and above all thanks to all those who have helped to make our reality known and growing, and those who have contributed to establish our products in the Italian collective imaginary, introducing them in their lives, in their homes and offices and even in their memories.