Balma Capoduri - Sostenibilità


Sustainability has always been a fundamental and indispensable value of our business, which is expressed in the social, economic and environmental fields.
We pursue a management model that is capable of generating value through the lasting and constant growth of economic indicators, carefully safeguarding corporate, human / social capital and the environment.
All our production choices are part of this.
For us, sustainability is also synonymous with durability, which is why our products are made to last over time, tested one by one and guaranteed for life … in sharp contrast to the logic of “disposable”!


Balma, Capoduri & C. is equipped with modern and efficient purification plants that fully comply with the regulations in force for the production of our sector. Air emissions and water discharges are adequately treated and constantly monitored, using a catalytic combustion purifier for the treatment of emissions from the painting plant and a chemical-physical purifier for the treatment of industrial waste water.

In addition, for the reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as per European regulations, a regenerative thermal system operates for the treatment of emissions from the staple production department, which allows a reduction well below the required limits.