Coccoina 600/C

Assorted glues packaging




Can dimensions (mm)

Ø 133 x 260 h

Net/gross weight (g.)

1190 / 1910

No. of cans per carton


Carton dimensions (AxBxC) (cm)

35 x 36 x 29,5 (AxBxC)

Carton weight (kg.)

Kg. 11,3

Bar code


Master carton with 5 cans of assorted "Coccoina" glues ref. 600/C



The can combines tradition and modernity, in a perfect mix for the sales point. Each can contains the following assortment of glues.

N.4 Aluminium tins, with inside the original brush, containing “Coccoina” white adhesive paste ref. 603 – 125 g.
N.5 Tubes of “Coccoina” liquid glue with dispenser, ref. 684 – 50 g.
N. 5 “Coccoina” glue sticks ref. 644 – 40 g.
N.12 “Coccoina” glue sticks ref. 642 – 20 g.

Descriptive notes

The can is made of thin cardboard with a very accurate graphics, made precious by seven of the most beautiful cards belonging to the history of “Coccoina” communication.
All “Coccoina” glues are solvent free, they can be washed with water and they have the unique and traditional fragrance of “Coccoina” glues, which is known by everybody.

They can answer the needs of each user at home, at school and in the office, and they stick easily and cleanly paper, cardboard, photos, cloths, labels, etc.

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