eCoccoina 685

Liquid glue
A glue really green, inside and out, and tenacious as ever, thanks to the new formula based on solvent-free polyvinyl alcohol and the unmistakable almond fragrance.


685 - 50 g
Item Small tube with dispenser
Net/Gross weight 50/60 g
Pieces per packaging 12
Pieces per carton 240
Packaging dimensions (mm) 155x155x55
Carton dimensions cm (AxBxC) 57x32x23
Carton weight Kg. 16,5
685 A.A.(1) - 50 g
Item Tubetto con beccuccio erogatore
Net/Gross weight 50/73 g
Pieces per packaging 1
Pieces per carton 120
Packaging dimensions (mm) 50x25x177(2)
Carton dimensions cm (AxBxC) 47x38x35
Carton weight Kg. 10

(1) Hangable cardboard case
(2) Height including buttonhole

Composition and Maintainance

Transparent glue based on polyvinyl alcohol (without solvents).

After use, replace the cap tightly.

Descriptive notes

is a strong, universal liquid glue for paper.

In addition to the traditional almond fragrance, “eCoccoina” stands out for its “Eco-friendly” contents:

New formula: more than 80% natural components.

Tube: realised with more than 70% material pf plant origin (sugar cane). This special bio-based polyethylene, certified “I’m green – BIO-BASEDby ASTM, in replacement of fossil raw materials, significantly contributes to reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the plastic chain

In addition:
The 12-piece pack and the one-piece hanging case are made from 90% recycled cardborad, and FCS-certified, so they are easily degradable.

enriches the already wide range of glues producted by Balma, Capoduri & C., which includes white adhesive paste, liquid glues, vinyl glues and glue sticks.

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