CARL CC-2000

Pencil sharpener


  • Made of painted metal with rubber feet, for a perfect adhesion to the working board
  • Steel cutter
  • Basin for collecting wastes

Technical/functional features



Hole diameter for pencil insertion:

9 mm

Possible regulations of point sharpness:


Net/gross weight:

715/850 g

Dimensions (mm):

76x155x153 h

Bar codes:


The instruction sheet, with clear explanatory pictures, is included in the packaging.

CARL CC-2000 pencil sharpener, manufactured by CARL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. – TOKYO, is distributed in Italy exclusively by BALMA, CAPODURI & C. s.p.a., which assures a good after-sale service too.

Descriptive notes

RL CC-2000 can sharp all types of standard pencils: round, hexagonal, triangular, lead and coloured. Equipped with a practical system for the regulation of the point sharpness (5 options), it allows to obtain the best performance from each type of pencil. The harder the lead is (eg. 3H), the sharper the point should be. For soft leads (eg. 3B) or coloured pencils an intermediate position is suggested.

The pencil point reaches the desired sharpness when the pencil holder stops moving and the handle turns idle.

In addition: standard equipped with a fixing clamp, “Carl” pencil sharpener can be easily and firmly fixed to any plain board.

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