Coccoina Mia

The new glue “Coccoina Mia” is now available for sale and enriches the already wide range of “Coccoina” paste, liquid and stick glues.

It’s a white vinyl glue, non toxic, which maintains the traditional almond fragrance of all “Coccoina” glues.

It is different from the other vinyl glues for its size (50 g) and for the functional and original little tube, whose colours and graphics unmistakably recall those of the famous aluminium tin.

It is perfect to glue paper, wood, cloths, etc. and thanks to its little dimensions it is particularly fit for school, as it can be easily put into every pencil-case.

Available in a display-box of 12 pcs. (ref. 665), for a better presentation in the sales points, in blister packaging (ref. 665 blister) and in a bottle of 1000 g (ref. 660).

“Coccoina” glues, just like all “ZENITH” staplers, staples, staples-removers and perforators, are manufactured in the factory of Balma, Capoduri & C. Spa, Voghera (Pavia) and continue to represent a concrete example of “Made in Italy”.


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