“Coccoina” Tv advertising campaign

“K2” and “FRESBEE” channels – 13th May / 30th June 2018

The whole assortment “Coccoina” is the protagonist of a commercial planned on the dedicated free channels for kids (4/14 years old) K2 (channel 41 digital terrestrial) and FRESBEE (channel 44 digital terrestrial) with 234 commercials of 20 seconds per channel, which will be aired every day from 13/5 to 2/6 and from 10/6 to 30/6 (5 or 6 commercials from 7:00 to 21:00), in total 468 broadcasts.
As the commercial says: “adhesive paste in tin, glue stick, liquid or vinyl, you will always find a “Coccoina” ready to enhance the creativity of the young and old artists of all ages, with its unmistakable almond fragrance!”


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