Let’s get into JEANS…

The new “ZENITH” stapler ref. 548/E JEANS has aesthetic characteristics and colour shades similar to the Denim fabric, the fabric of Jeans trousers.

Even the surfaces of the body and of the handle have a light, pleasant roughness, which reminds of that fabric.

It is the result of the use of enamels of different colors, developed with manual methods first, and then with our automatic electrostatic painting plant; the final result has been obtained thanks to a particular mix of the different setting parameters.

Each piece, in terms of hue and shades, appears different from the others, thus becoming essentially unique!

This is a special limited edition, accompanied by a nice packaging, expressly made, which presents the product in an original way; moreover, a cardboard inserted inside (that resembles a jeans label) best illustrates its characteristics:

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Special Model
  • Limited edition
  • Blue color
  • One size

Just like the fabric that inspires it, ZENITH 548/E JEANS adapts to everyone’s style, a bit like your favorite worn-in jeans.

Of course, the technical characteristics and performance are identical to those, well known, of the other ZENITH 548/E staplers.

Discover ZENITH 548/E JEANS


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