New “Coccoina” paper products

The brand new line of “Coccoina” paper products includes two notepads in A4 and A5 sizes and three notebooks, two of them in A6 size (one with soft cover and rounded edges, the other with hard cover and elastic closure), and one in A5 size, with soft cover, wirebinding and elastic closure. The covers show wonderful and rare ancient pictures in vintage style of old “Coccoina” advertising campaigns, while the internal paper sheets, made in ivory paper of 85 g/sqm, are imbued with the characteristic almond fragrance of all “Coccoina” glues, a real peculiarity of these products. Every article is packaged in a single transparent envelope, labelled with description and barcode. The packaging is also particularly accurate, with personalised “Coccoina” paper bands. In order to enhance the visibility of the products in the point of sale, a new desk display has also been realized, with a pleasant and simple design, which contains four pcs. of each article in addition to four aluminium tins of “Coccoina” adhesive paste. This initiative, which was presented as a preview at Paperworld 2015 in Frankfurt, is no doubt a means to strengthen “Coccoina” trademark on stationary market, with articles which fit well with the wide range of “Coccoina” glues.

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