ZENITH and Coccoina at “ElleDecor@Work”

Show “ElleDecor@Work” 2019 – Palazzo Bovara
Corso Venezia 51, Milano…8 – 18 April 2019

For the fourth year in a row “Elle Decor” is present at Palazzo Bovara to address the issue of the new needs of the contemporary work, a multifaceted project that aims at looking into the new trends of the work world, with a track of over 1000 sqm which includes the court of Palazzo Bovara.
A “timeline” has been set up for the years from 1948 to 2018: some icon products have been chosen, to be included in the area “The Archive”…
Among these products, “ZENITH” staplers 548 in their four elegant colours and the “Coccoina” adhesive paste in its classic and unique aluminium tin with brush.

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