CARL 120

Heavy duty punches
High quality and resistance products, with the least effort it is always possible to obtain a precise punch, without faults, even for considerable paper thickness.


  • Made entirely in metal

Technical/functional features

Distance between the holes:

80 mm

Hole diameter:

6 mm

Punching capacity:

145 sheets (80 g/mq)



Punching depth:

adjustable from 6 to 14

Sheets forking guide:


Weight (net/gross) g:

4100 g (net) / 4430 g (gross)

Dimensions (mm):


Bar codes::


Equipment: the punches are supplied with sheets forking guide and with N° 10 spare disks.

Spare parts

Ref. Description Pieces per
For punches
CARL P-86MD Spare male-dies 2 CARL 86
CARL P-90MD Spare male-dies 1 CARL 90
CARL P-120MD Spare male-dies 1 CARL 120
CARL P-160MD Spare male-dies 1 CARL 160
CARL 852 Spare disks 10 CARL 86 – 90 – 120 – 160

CARL heavy duty punches, manufactured by CARL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. – TOKYO, are distributed in Italy exclusively by BALMA, CAPODURI & C. s.p.a., which assures a good after-sale service too.

Descriptive notes

The materials and the mechanism employed in the manufacturing of CARL heavy duty punches assure high quality and resistance products, strong and elegant at the same time.

In addition: it is possible to obtain, with little effort, an always precise perforation without slavering, also for reasonable sheet thickness.

Sheets forking guide is marked for the different punching positions, two or four holes, according to the different sheets sizes.

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