CARL Alisys LP-20

Alisys Punch


  • Made in metal with base for collecting paper and guide in plastic

Technical/functional features

Distance between the two holes:

80 mm

Hole diameter:

6 mm

Punching capacity:

18 sheets (80 g/mq)


Metallic blue


in plastic supplied with the punch


340 g (net) / 388 g (gross)

Box dimensions:

mm 140 x 108 x 50

N° of items per carton:

36 (packets of 6 pieces)

Carton dimensions:

cm 48 x 30 x 35,5 (AxBxC)

Carton weight:

16 Kg

Bar codes(36 packets per carton):


Descriptive notes

CARL ALISYS is a powerful and at the same time smart punch, with a design modern and accurate in every detail, available in Metallic blue colour. It has a full flat gauge with a press-release paper holder for an easy and exact sheet positioning, from UNI A4 size (two or four holes) to B6 size.

How to remove stopper:
1.Push down the handle
2.Remove the stopper carefully let the handle back
How to use handle lock:
1.Push down the handle
2.Push in the lock button
How to use as a 4-hole punch:
1.Align gauge at 4-hole position
2.Set paper and punch once, overturn paper and punch once more

CARL ALISYS LP-20 punch, manufactured by CARL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. – TOKYO, is distributed in Italy exclusively by BALMA, CAPODURI & C. s.p.a., which assures a good after-sale service too.

In addition: The perforator is internally equipped with a second lever to create a synergistic effect with the handle by enhancing the power of punching and extremely reducing the effort needed to punch considerable thickness of paper, up to 18 sheets

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