Rolling Slicer Trimming boards
They use a safe cut system, they assure non-common performance and easiness to use, appreciated either by technical users, for thickness and cut precision, or during usual office works, for lightness and handiness. It is possible to choose between dashed cut or straight cut, simply by changing the cutter.


  • Made in metal and ABS anti-shock plastic
  • Anti-scratch rubber feet

Technical/functional features

Max. cutting (mm):

310 (A4)

Cutting capacity:

10 sheets (80 g/sqm)

Straight cut:


Dashed cut:


Sheet locking system:

with handle



Spare parts cutters and mat:

available, upon request



Weight (net/gross):

1100 / 1300 g

Dimensions (mm):

380 x 265 x 70 h

Bar code:


Spare parts

Art. Description Pieces per packing
DC – LRC K – 28 Spare cutter – straight cut 2
DC – LRT K – 29 Spare cutter – dashed cut 1
K – 30 Spare cutter – scoring blade 1
PT – 210 MAT Mat for DC-200 – DC-200N e DC-210 2

CARL rolling slicer trimming boards, manufactured by CARL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. – TOKYO, are distributed in Italy exclusively by BALMA, CAPODURI & C. s.p.a., which assures a good after-sale service too.

Descriptive notes

Unique, the new CARL rolling slicer trimming boards use a cutting system based on a rolling cutter moving on an appropriate mat, with excellent results both for thickness and for cutting precision (it is possible to cut also films, fabrics, etc.). For these characteristics the models DC-210, DC-220, DC-230 and DC-250 are mainly appreciated by technical users, while the models DC-101, DC- 102, and DC-200N, also thanks to an excellent relation between their performances and their sales prices, are perfectly suitable for every office, where they are appreciated for their lightness and handiness, together with non-common performances and easiness to use.

In addition: It is possible to choose between straight and dashed cut simply by changing the cutter; mat and cutters are fairly long usable and may be simply replaced in a few seconds with the spares, supplied in the standard equipment for the models CARL DC-210, DC-220, DC-230 and DC-250, available upon request for the models DC-101, DC-102 and DC-200N. A scoring blade is available for all models of CARL paper trimmers.

Safety: CARL trimming boards completely match with the quality standards fixed for machines which must be used, always in maximum safety, in every working place, at home, at school and in the office. In the models DC-101 and DC-102 an automatic safety device ensures the cutter is released in the cutting position only, thus avoiding any accidental contact with the blade.

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