Rolling Slicer Trimming boards
They use a safe cut system, they assure non-common performance and easiness to use, appreciated either by technical users, for thickness and cut precision, or during usual office works, for lightness and handiness. It is possible to choose between dashed cut or straight cut, simply by changing the cutter.


  • Made in polystyrene, ABS etc.
  • Illuminated ABS ruler

Technical/functional features

Maximum cut (mm):

320 (A4)

Cutting capacity:

Straight blade: 5 sheets (80g/sqm)
Perforation blade: 3 sheets (80g/sqm)

Dashed cut:

yes, with the cutter included in the packaging

Straight cut:

yes, with the cutter included in the packaging

Millimetre cut:

yes, with the cutter included in the packaging



Weight (net/gross):

119/250 g

Dimensions (cm):

38,5 x 10 x 3,17 h

Box dimensions (cm):

38,7 x 10,2 x 3,4 h

No. of blisters per carton:

20 (packed in boxes of 5 pieces)

Carton dimensions (cm):

43,5 x 36 x 27 (AxBxC)

Carton weight:

6,5 kg

Bar code (box):


Bar codes (5 cutters per carton):


Bar codes (20 cutters per carton):


Spare parts

Art. Description Spare cutter – straight cut
K13 Pieces per packing 1
K12 Spare cutter – dashed cut 1

Descriptive notes

CARL DC-90N rolling slicer trimming board, manufactured by CARL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. – TOKYO, is distributed in Italy exclusively by BALMA, CAPODURI & C. s.p.a., which assures a good aftersale service too..

CARL DC 90, ideal for home, school and office, employs a cutting system based on a rolling slicer moving on an appropriate mat (it is possible to cut also films, fabrics, etc.).The new illuminated ruler helps to better check the sheet position before cutting. The cardboard packaging can be hung vertically.

In addition: it is possible to make either a straight or a dashed cut, as both cutters are supplied with the paper cutter; spare cutters are available.

Safety:CARL DC-90N paper cutter completely matches with the quality standards fixed for machines which must be used, always in maximum safety, in every working place, home, school and office. The practical safety cover avoids any accidental contact with the cutter.

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