New “Coccoina mia”: small size, bright colours!

“Coccoina Mia”, the white vinyl glue of “Coccoina” line, presents a new size: the brand new coloured little tubes of 25 g. (ref. 668) join the already innovative 50 g tube (ref. 665), sold in a practical display of 12 pcs., and the 1000 g bottle (ref. 660).
They are supplied inside an original nice plastic ball display (dimensions cm. 20 x 20 x 25) containing 30 pcs., perfect for each point of sale, where the pocket size tubes in red, greed and yellow are clearly visible.
“Coccoina Mia” is a white vinyl glue, non toxic, which maintains the traditional almond fragrance of all “Coccoina” glues; it is perfect to glue paper, wood, cloths, etc. and thanks to the small dimensions of the tubes of 50 and 25 g it is particularly fit for school, as it can be easily put into every pencil-case.
“Coccoina Mia” enriches the already wide range of “Coccoina” glues manufactured by Balma, Capoduri & C., which includes adhesive paste, liquid glues and stick glues.


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