New “Pastel” line …”Coccoina” paper products

…and “Coccoina” aluminium tins ref. 603/P

After the success of the first line of paper products in “Vintage” style, with beautiful and rare ancient pictures of old “Coccoina” advertising campaigns, here comes a new assortment characterized by covers in four modern Pastel colours. The new “Pastel” line includes two ruled wirebounded notepads, in A5 and A6 sizes, and two softcover notebooks elegantly stitched, still in A5 and A6 sizes.
All the covers are decorated with an embossed fretwork which recalls the original one on the label of “Coccoina” aluminium tin… while the internal pages, in ivory paper of 85 g/sqm, are imbued with the characteristic almond fragrance of all “Coccoina” glues.
Each article is packaged in a single transparent envelope, labelled with description and barcode. The packaging is also particularly accurate, with personalised “Coccoina” paper bands.
In order to enhance the visibility of the products in the points of sale, a new desk display has also been realized, with a pleasant and simple design, which contains eight pcs. of each article in addition to four aluminium tins of “Coccoina” adhesive paste.
The aluminium tins supplied with the display (but also available in their display boxes of 10 pcs.) have something new (ref. 603/P): the labels are also in the same Pastel colours of the notepads and notebooks they come with, for a pleasant colour matching!

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