Back to the 1960s…

After the success of the ZENITH stapler 548/E “Replay 1948”, created on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our most famous stapler, here comes a new special, limited edition… that will bring you back to the legendary 60s …

“Back to the 1960s” is in fact shown on the packaging of the new ZENITH stapler 548/E “SIXTY”, which is inspired (in the colours of the stapler and the packaging) to the ZENITH 548/E stapler of those years, when it was the only combination of colours available ( called “Beige/ iridescent gold”).

Since the late 1970s, other colours have entered the catalogue but “beige” has remained the favourite in all offices for a long time … so that even today it is not difficult to find “vintage” models in use and perfectly working!

The technical and functional features are those of the current “ZENITH” 548/E, with the improvements that have occurred over the years, invisible to the users but which have further improved performance and reliability, certified by the lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect.

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