One of the ZENITH items among the most imitated for its technical and aesthetic perfection becomes even more special, unique and attractive thanks to the GOLD finish, for a design that shines.


  • Made in nickelated iron with small beak and plate with inci-sions in hardened and nickelated steel
  • Golden finishing (24 carats)

Technical/functional features


78 g (net) / 116 g (gross)

Box dimensions

cm 17 x 11 x 1,7

Descriptive notes

Unique article for technical and aesthetic perfection, manufacturing proce-dures, ergonomic handle, high degree of finishing embellished in the “Gold” version with careful gold.plating and an elegant box.

In addition: the steel parts which extract the staples (i.e. the wedge-shaped small beak and the incision plate), make the ZENITH 580 work perfectly practically for ever and maintain its exceptional per-formance over the years. ZENITH 580 easily removes ZENITH staples ref. 515-112-130 and other sta-ples of different standards.

Quality: to maintain the high quality standard guaranteed by all ZENITH products, each staple-remover is tested piece by piece. Life-guarantee for manufacturing defects.

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