A simply unique product, at the same time an elegant letter-opener and a useful staples-remover, becomes even more exclusive.


  • Small beak and incision plate in hardened and nickelated steel with golden finishing (23 carats)
  • Nickelated iron blade with golden finishing
  • Golden finishing (23 carats)

Technical/functional features


44 g (net) / 55 g (gross)

Box dimensions

cm 26 x 3 x 1,8

N. of items per packet


Bar code

Box: 8009613585302

Descriptive notes

A golden finishing embellishes and makes even more exclusive the elegant and sharp lines of ZENITH 585, thought to shine and stand out on the desks of those who love nice and useful objects.
In addition to being a handy letter-opener, it easily removes different wire staples: ZENITH MIL, ZENITH 130 series and other staples of the same sizes

Quality: to maintain the high quality standard guaranteed by all ZENITH products, each staple-remover is tested piece by piece. Life-Guarantee for manufacturing defects.

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