Strong and practical, it makes perfect holes positioned 70 or 80 mm between each other, at user's discretion; it perforates up to 15 sheets.


  • Made in metal with anti-scratch and sliding rubber base for collecting paper for disposal and ABS guide
  • Lead free enamel painting highly resisting wear and corrosion

Technical/functional features

Distance between the two holes

70 or 80 mm

Hole diameter

5,5 mm

Punching capacity

15 sheets (80 g/mq)


in ABS, supplied with the perforator


625 g (net) / 680 g (gross)

Box dimensions

cm 12,7 x 11,5 x 10,3

N. of items per carton

30 (packets of 3 pieces)

Carton dimensions

cm 47,5 x 38 x 39,5 (AxBxC)

Carton weight

Kg. 21,5

Bar codes

Black: 8009613787102
Green: 8009613787119
Master carton bar code with 30 perforators: 8009613787300

Descriptive notes

ZENITH 787 is a strong and practical perforator and with the slightest effort it makes perfect holes (diameter 5,5 mm) positioned 70 or 80 mm between each other, at user’s discretion.

Quality: to maintain the high quality standard guaranteed by all ZENITH products, each perforator is tested piece by piece. Life-Guarantee for manufacturing efects.

In addition: it is possible to use ZENITH 787 with little effort for up to 15 sheets because of its punches which are made in drawn and ground steel; also, the guide and cutter holes are ground with perfect gauging.Paper positioning is easier thanks to the pratical ABS guide, standard supplied.

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