New “eCoccoina” liquid glue: even greener!

The “Coccoina” range is now enriched with a new liquid glue, innovative in everything… from the content to the packaging!

The new formula, based on polyvinyl alcohol and without solvents, is particularly strong, with unprecedented adhesiveness (universal liquid glue for paper) and the unmistakable “Coccoina” fragrance.

art. 685 stands out for its new and current “eco-friendly” contents:

– composition of the glue, with a percentage of natural substances higher than 80%,
– 50 g tube, with precision dispenser, made with more than 70% of materials of plant origin (sugar cane) and for this reason certified by ASTM as “I’m green – BIO-BASED”.

It is a particular bio-based polyethylene that significantly contributes to reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the plastics chain.

Even the paper packaging (12-piece pack and one-piece hanging case) are made from 90% recycled cardboard, and FSC-certified.

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