ZENITH 548/E Pastel ESP 6

Plier staplers

Technical/functional features


26 cm

Max. depth

22,5 cm


16/35 (*) cm
(*) The height is measured with the open crowner.

Weight (when full)

2,4 kg


n. 2 · ref. 548/E Pastel Gi
n. 2 · ref. 548/E Pastel Rs
n. 2 · ref. 548/E Pastel Az

Pieces per carton


Carton dimensions

cm 66 x 31 x 40 (AxBxC)

Carton weight

11,5 kg

Bar code

Desk display 8009613548253
Master carton bar code with 60 staplers 8009613548741

Descriptive notes

Made in thick carton with a crowner wearing the new colours of the “ZENITH” stapler ref. 548/E Pastel, the desk display specially realised for this model gives the possibility to present in the best way six staplers assorted in the three available colours.
Of small weight and dimensions, it is fit to be shown in every point of sale and it is practical and functional for every shop window and showcase.

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