Plier staplers
The simple use and the lightness of the ZENITH 590 become the must have for all those who love design and Hi-Tech, thanks to the three different colour combinations for the body and cap: Black Carbon, Aluminum Wave and White Wave, which make it suitable for all desks.


  • Metal body and mechanical parts
  • ABS anti-shock plastic cap
  • Lead free enamel painting highly resisting wear and corrosion

Technical/functional features


Staple type



ZENITH Staples ref.

130/E – 130/Z
130 LM – 130/LL


Loading capacity (N. of staples)



Stapling capacity (N. of sheets - 80 g/mq)



Max. stapling depth (for paper insertion)

46 mm


box containing a stapler and a box of “ZENITH” staples ref. 130/E


187 g (net) / 230 g (gross, including a box of ZENITH staples ref. 130/E)

Box dimensions

cm 16 x 8,7 x 2

N. of items per carton

60 (packets of 10 pieces)

Carton dimensions

cm 35 x 37 x 22 (AxBxC)

Carton weight

Kg. 14,5

Loading system

top loading; pull-down the handle, pull-up the cap and insert staples

Patented anti-jamming device

The plier directions are on the back of the packaging

Bar codes

Plier stapler ZENITH art. 590 TECH WW: 8009613590221
Plier stapler ZENITH art. 590 TECH AW: 8009613590238
Plier stapler ZENITH art. 590 TECH BC: 8009613590245

Plier stapler ZENITH art. 590 TECH 60 pieces Carton: 8009613590283


Descriptive notes

The “ZENITH” stapler 590 TECH maintains all the best characteristics of the “ZENITH” line of 590 staplers, in terms of functionality, durability and level of finishes, which make it perfect for any situation of use, at home, at school and in the office.

Quality: to maintain the high quality standard guaranteed by all “ZENITH” products, each plier stapler is tested piece by piece. Life-Guarantee for manufacturing defects.

In addition: The three special colour combinations for the cap/body paint give the “ZENITH” 590 TECH a more modern and “technical” look, according to the current trends, as also highlighted by the black/grey tones of the elegant packaging, made specially for this version.

ZENITH 590 TECH can also staple with the ZENITH staples ref. 130/Z6 (length of legs 6 mm) up to 30 sheets.

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